The Second Shoot ..... and a model

The Second Shoot ..... and a model

Some months after I tried being a photographer for my brand, which was a mess. Thank God for my then roommate who stepped in and was able to help me with some pictures(as seen in previous post). 

My passion and interest in this fashion store peaked every day, this made me start looking for a professional photographer. I asked my friend and she referred one to me, I followed her on instagram and looked at the photographer's work. 

Beautiful! I thought to myself.

She took incredibly nice pictures and I was so eager to work with her, I was already planning the shoot in my head. 

Action! Camera! Lights!

Then, I had to think of who to model these pieces, I found a model willing to help me out almost free(I don't remember how I met her but when I do I will write a post about her) 

What I remember though is that she was Brazilian.

I sent her a message and asked for the cost of a shoot with around 20 clothes, she gave me a price and I was in shock. 

Photography is expensive, I lamented 

I felt like I did not have a choice as I truly had zero skills taking pictures, so I decided to invest some money into photographing the pieces available at that time. 

After paying, we fixed a date and shoot day came... I borrowed an orange stool from my friend, brought out my white bedsheet from the previous shoot and BOOM!

Thanks for reading.

I have more tales to tell 

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