The Dripsheek Website

The Dripsheek Website

Technically, when I wanted to start this fashion business, I thought hard and long about where I wanted the business and how I wanted to run it. 

Obviously, I knew that I couldn't afford a store here in Canada; at least not yet.

I pray that I will be able to one day

Well, the easiest place to have my business was online so I was left with how will I create/design a website, where will I start from, who will help me,

do I even have money to pay ehn...

I thought hard and long about this, then I said to myself " it's high time I learnt a new skill"

I picked up my laptop and started searching for where to create a free website, I found and I started watching videos on YouTube to learn how to create a website on Shopify. 

After almost 2 months of trying to create the website, I finally finished it, I showed a few friends that meant a lot to me the finished work before I published it, they gave me ideas on what I needed to add or take away.

I was happy with all the help and support I was getting, this made launching the website fun and fulfilling for me.

I really did learn a new skill... after my website launched, I went ahead to help 4 other E-commerce stores with their websites and got paid for my service. 

Come back for more tea and how our first sale went. 

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