Our First Photoshoot was ..... well in God's hands

Our First Photoshoot was ..... well in God's hands

Starting a fashion business is a very challenging thing to do, it involves a lot of work; from sourcing merchandise to taking photos and displaying the merchandise on either a website or physical store. 

I like to flex my creativity muscle, after the products arrived in Canada, I ordered a Canon Camera, I was excited to start taking pictures of the clothes. I had zero picture taking skills, zero editing skills and trust me; I didn't know a thing about shadows in your photos. 

I quickly did my make up, hung out the clothes without steaming or ironing them, set my camera on a tripod then boom ....all the errors started to show.

Shadows, camera falling off the tripod, battery issues, I was sweating and praying (God please help me here)

It was time to start taking the photos and I didn't have a backdrop, I quickly converted one of my white bedsheets into a backdrop because I had seen other other stores online with white background and I felt that was the general industry thing to do. 

My roommate saw me struggling, she asked me if she could help and I was sooo happy( I actually have a problem with asking for help). 

I am happy she offered to help and that was awesome. 

Here are some of the pictures we took.

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